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“SM”/SourD) x (“SM”/Chocolate Rain
A while ago while testing males of ‘Sour Diesel’, the ‘Cerise d’Exo Planck’ clone
(which was confused by Esko to be SM Planck) was hit by a stout, fat-leafed male
from Reservoir Seeds 2010 Sour Diesel IBL-release. This mixture resulted in plants
with good yield and a sturdy structure. Strong effects of a more comfy nature and
heavy munchies were common. The fruity-gassy mix of red berries and diesel fuel
were expected, but not sweet enough yet (for me). Luckily the “SM”xCR (that Esko
blessed us with) needed to be preserved, so that some pollen found it’s way to her.
The Picutre shows the unseeded Cerise/Sour-
mother at the day of chop (that is 60 days of 12/12).
They are just made and only germination-tested, but the expected flowering times will
be fast, not more than 8-9 weeks (low nutes are sufficient). The ‘Rhaspberry Truffle’ will
add rhaspberry/cherry to the Cerise/SourD-mother, while levelling out her rather boda-
cious effect into a more balanced smoke that is much better suited for everyone. Enjoy.
5 Seeds (Freebie)
by SAN for Seedheaven


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