DAP (late pheno’s)


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DAP (also known as “BT x ODH”) is Dieselryder x Auto AK47 x Pehkuruder (not necessarily in that order). This strain was previously inbred for a few generations (at least 3-4) by the original breeder (ODH) prior to me getting it, and these seeds are my attempt to do a little selection and separate it into early/late lines.

Much like the early DAP phenos, the later ones are easy to grow outdoors, but take a bit longer (3-3.5 months from sowing to harvest) to mature I suspect – I was unable to properly finish them as I started them a bit too late. It should be noted that they can get over 100 cm tall, even if grown in smallish containers. I can’t comment any more on the buds/smoke at this time due to them being a bit too late finishing, but the breeder prefers the late phenos to the early phenos, and I thought the early phenos were great.

10 seeds pr pack

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