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Durbanghani x Sour Diesel


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USC’s ‘Durbanghani’-clone that roams the inner cirles is a very enjoyable plant.
She has very thin leafs and brings in classic Sativa-dominant smoke. Growers
nowadays are not really used to this kind of smoke anymore (imo). It’s very “old
school”, taste and smell are hard to describe. Sweet Anise maybe, but not only
that … It is mixed with some thing ‘Dark’ too.
The African genetics make the effects rather “hectic”, but the
Afghan levels it out and makes this a verrry enjoyable smoke.
Sour Diesel male hit this lady on one of my seedruns on the sidelines. I have not grown
any of them yet, but i think the combo will be worthwhile and hopefully is interesting for
some growers looking for some yeasteryear smoke in a “modern” wrap.
Feel free to let me know if they were to your liking.
There is plenty left for everybody … please enjoy 🙂
made by SAN.
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