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Hallowed Ground


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Hallowed Ground
(SantaMaria/Shiva) x (SantaMmaria/Chocolate Rain)
this is a SAN-original, but yet untested
line born in the (SM x CR)-reproduction.
i created it just as a tribute to esko and his wonderful work. Estimations are
very easy, though: Doubling up SM-genetics will create reliable tastebombs
that go the red berry / cherry-route mixed with CR-Rhaspberry (and Shiva’s
lemon cream-profile showing up more rarely as well). I expect the cherry and
rhaspberry-phenos to dominate the overall profile.
The effects will be rather heady with a comfy landing, all of the parental genetics show these attributes,
only the CR is a bit more heady in comparsion to the rest … the flowertimes
will be quick too, up to 63 days (phenos leaning to the CR). feeding-schedules
can be moderate, as eskobar’s lines are known to not need much to shine.
10 Seeds / Pack
made by SAN
for Seedheaven
(Limited Release)


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