Happy Amnesia


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Product Description

Happy Amnesia is a cross between Karmas cut of Happy Brother and Amnesia (sativa pheno).

Karmas cut is known for its very special smell and taste, and relaxed buzz. Amnesia has a bubblegum taste to it and a nice balenced body/head buzz. Good hybrid vigor with some very tasty phenoes. Combined, these plants will give you an experience of a fragrance you wont find in other plants. Smells like a very sweet candy store, but spicy at the same time.
If taken to 20% amber, she will make you ecstatic and dreamy with a great deal of painreleaf. Especially the so called ‘Sheela Na Gig-pheno’ is good as medicine for pains and insomnia. And with the great taste this hybrid has, you will love your medicine.

Indica/sativa: 50/50%

Genetics: Happy Brother x Amnesia

Best for indoor growing

Likes organic set-ups in all growmedias

Flowering time: 10-13 weeks

Smell: Spicy candy

Taste: Sweet spicy hash

Buzz: Equal head and body- Very good potency


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