(‘Kali China’ x ‘Orient Express’) x Lebanese


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(‘Kali China’ x ‘Orient Express’)  x  Lebanese indica

“A limited edition indica/sativa feminized polyhybrid bred by Ace Seeds a decade ago, and pollinated by a stout, columnar Lebanese landrace indica pheno hashplant collected by The Real Seed Company. Untested seeds which contain an exciting mix of genetics; Kali Mist sativa of Hawaii, Chinese Yunnan indica, Vietnamese Black sativa, and pure Lebanese hashplant. 70/30 indica/sativa. Expect lush, varied terpenes; tropical fruit, creamy berries, earthy hashish. 8-9 wks indoor flowering.

5 regular beans, FREE with purchase of SEEDHEAVEN gear!

Donated by Maxxor.

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Freebies are extra seeds received when making a purchase, and will not be available for sale individually!


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