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Killer Haze


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(Amnesia Haze x Killer Queen)
The combination of Amnesia Haze and G13 Haze (made by Eskobar) was an impressive
cross … this i tried to re-hash this one by using Karma’s D-cut of the AH, hitting her with
pollen from the males of Killer Queen (G13/C99 from the DERG CORRA-reproduction).
I expect this to be very good, the haze will bring in the known satty-terps and KQ will lower
flowering times, bring in quite the big yields and balance out the smoke, to a hybrid-effect
of strong body-high and confusing heady stone.
Exclusive Freebie for SH-shop.
5 Seeds / Pack, made by SAN.
Please note:
Freebies are extra seeds received when making a purchase, and will not be available for sale individually!


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