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Killer Lemon Haze


Product Description

(Super Lemon Haze x Killer Queen)
the female used is a 10w-plant from a contemporary pack of GHS “Super Lemon Haze”.
this plant is a clear AH ‘core cut’-pheno and has only a little lemon skunk-influence (taste
comes through a bit and the haze-effect ‘suffered’ a bit = more body). she has a very
reliable heady effect and nice variation to the terps (core/skunk mix of hazy lemons).
KQ males will make this a special hybrid of unique taste and bring in very good yields.
this is a variation of the other “(satty clone/KQ)”-freebies i have send in. this will be very
similar, but unique in terms of the tastes and smells that will come up.
Exclusive Freebie for SH-shop.
5 Seeds / Pack, made by SAN
Please note:
Freebies are extra seeds received when making a purchase, and will not be available for sale individually!


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