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SFV 78


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The mother of this cross is my current favorite cut of Mullumbimby Madness x Thai78 AKA 78 Golden Thai that I named Medusas Beehive. She is an 18 weeker with a strong positive yet trippy long lasting effect and smooth clean comedown. Has good resin coverage for a pure sativa and gets extremely large fast.
Fair warning; she can throw late nanners if mistreated but I have grown her successfully without intersex traits popping up.

The smoke is something extremely hard to find in this day and age and well worth the efforts. She has a strange lemon grass citrus palate, with the mullum pine/baking bread in the background. So, so, so gooooood!

The fathers selected where three males of SFV OG BX1. The full lineage is SFV x SFV/Mullum Pearl. Huge yielding plants of pure outstanding quality just amazing work all around.

I expect massive huge yielding plants of exquisite herbs. My two favorite smokes combined.

Picture is of the mother, Thai78!


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