Silver Diesel Haze


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Silver Diesel Haze
(Super Silver Haze x Sour Diesel)
Super Silver Haze is made by Nevil in the nineties. he mixed a Sk/Hz with a NL/Hz
into quite the perfect combination. The clone i used is selected by Sensi23 and is
documented over at ICmag. It is a fast pheno of 9 weeks that brings in a lot of the
desired Haze-traits (heady zing and the very characteristic ‘hazey’ smell and taste).
I used the Sour Diesel male on her to pay hommage and enjoy a line that potentially
unfolds phenos like the ‘OJD’ cut of the classic SSSDH-line of the same genetic formula.
Basically the plants will be a mix that look like Skunks, but stretch like Diesels with a
pronounced smell and taste of the Haze-hybrid,. Effects are euphoric and heady, but
also bodacious when overtoked, which easily happens with both these parental-lines
being known for their strong potencies and great effects. 10 weeks, good yielders and
a reward of very enjoyable smoke awaits.
Testgrows brought forth a few very good plants, so i will continue this line and inbreed it
into a real strain. This is the chance for anyone keen to get some of the F1’s and enjoy
them until the worked line is made (because i won’t release this again, until at least F4).
10 Seeds / Pack
made by SAN


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