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(inspired by esko’s mixes)
‘eskobar seeds’ had two projects going were they let us all enjoy various lines in one
pack. the first “chocolate mix” was still ‘just’ mixed seeds. but the “cheese mix”-lines
were packaged separatetly and this made the “mix”-project perfect. i would like to con-
tinue this tradition with a few mix-packs of my own, that’ll be released from time to time.
here is the first: sour diesel mix. i used a stout male from reservoir seeds’ 2010 ibl-line.
(Livers Clone x Sour Diesel IBL 2010)
the “livers” clone is a classic from UK. she has been around since the mid-nineties
and is a selection from a cheese/blueberry genepool with a pronounced cheese profile but a more blueberry structure in growth. the cheese part is noticable in the smell, the way the plant behaves after bending and in the leafshape. the blueberry part is the colors and sweet undertones of berries in the taste. she is a great candidate for the sour diesel ibl male (2010 version) and will broing out plants thast are done after approx.65 days. don’t go for these seeds without a filter, both lines are known to produce exceptionally strong smelling plants.
“Queen Deez”
(Reina Marde x Sour Diesel IBL 2010)
delicatessen reina marde clone comes from spain and is mario’s cut. i have enjoyed this
selection very much. she brings in a unique headeffect-quality that i have not exerienced
in other plants so far and her sweet taste is also amazing (very close to the lilly-selection,
due to the congo-genetics involved). ‘Reina’, being the mother to the juantia clone, partly
started the CBD-craze in combination with the NYCD i have mated this same lady to the
sour d-male for anyone looking to seek for THC/CBD-balanced phenos, that are done
after 9w and have strong smells with good yields. the parents promise strong effects on
“both ends” (as opposed to the much more cbd-dom juanita).
“Tahoe Sour” (Sour Kush v2)
on my little quests for a nice “sour kush”-variation (the og-part of the project) i have used
triangle kush, sfv og and tahoe og clones and dusted them up with pollen from the sour-
male. “tahoe sour” colors up at the end of the cycle and conviced me withher big trich-development. the rather “mellow” tahoe effect is greatly enhanced by the sour d-male.
tahoe is very nice but a tiny bit too stout, so the diesel will help her to stretch on a few of the phenos. being a sour/og-mix this has the potential to show late nanas, but i had none in my tests. (still need to adress this, as it is common with all sour d/chem/og-genetics). the plants were quite uniform and finished around 65-70 days, with a few being quicker.
yields were very high (highest of the three lines in the pack).
Limited Release 10 Seeds per LIne,
seperately packed … made by SAN


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