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Taskenti F3


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12 Seeds pr pack

Taskenti is a almost pure Uzbekistan Indica Landrace, with a hint of Northern Lights influence.

CBG bred it to Uzbekistan origin but now this wonderful strain is disappeared from their webshop.

This is why i decide to make this seeds available again.

I bought this seeds in early 2000 and inbreed it for two more generations by pollinating best plants


Taskenti produce a very good yield of sticky dense buds with a unique lemon, minty, hashish smell and taste


Effect is a warm and pleasant and strong body stoned, good for relaxing, against pain and insomnia

or if you suffer from migraine.


Flowering time is between 10 and 12 weeks,

i do not had mold problems with Taskenti but you should keep an eye to humidity in late blooming.

For indoor, (soil and hydro) and outdoor growing ,

good for breeding and creating new hybrids, or just for cannaseurs who love a classical old-school variation


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