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When we talk about legendary strains then colombian gold, jamaican lambsbread, afghan and pakistan chitral kush are one of the first in place worldwide.

Epicgenetic selected the fastest ColJam (colombian gold 1972 x jamaican lambsbread (1960)) (thx to USC) pheno and
pollinated her with USCs very a fruity AfghanChitral (old school Afghan crossed with Pakistan Chitral Kush male)  to get this F1.

So we have here the best of all 4 worlds, expect a wide varity on phenos from 7 to 24 weeks flowering time with real breeding potential.

You will rewarded with a very good yield and nice colors from green over pink to black, all can be found in the Cobra.
But be careful what you wish for or your tent will explode because of tremendous bud trees.

Flowering: 7-24 Weeks
Plants per square meter: 9 untopped in 6-7 Liter 12/12 from seed
Expected stretch: 0x to 10x
10 Seeds pr pack