Afghan (Helmand)


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13 Seeds pr pack.

Afghan (Helman province)

This afghan was given to me by a danish soldier who was stationated in the Helman province in Afghanistan. He told me that they often did hide in the cannabis fields to rest, and that they took buds with them when they left.
The buds was often full of seeds, and he took some of these seeds with him to Denmark when he was sent home. He was not a smoker him self but he came home with PTSD, and he was told by some of his comrads that this strain helped them to ease the PTSD. He contacted me as he knew that I was a stoner, and asked me if he could use it with out smoking it. I told him about cannabisoil and told him to read up on it. He did and he wanted to try it, so i made a few plants and made oil for him. That made him very happy and he wanted to learn how to grow him self. He is now a small-time grower for oil only.

I liked the smoke from these my self, so why not let the seed get out there. So stickman was kind enough to do a seedgrow on these nice affies for the DCC.

Mostly indica
Many purple phenoes
Stoned effect
Indoor and outdoor
8-10 weeks of flowering
Finish outdoor in beginning of October (54*n Lat)

Tested for Germination June 2021 – 100% in 3 days