Berry Nice Plants


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Berry Nice Plants
(“Cerise d’Exo Planck” Bx1)
Since i first encountered the Cerise d’Exo Planck-clone only, i have
been delighted by her. The smoke is strong strawberry/cherry and
the effect is balanced with a heady start and comfy end. The Cerise
has great potency and her effects are sensual, uplifting, creative.
My mission is to get her into seed and i used a Cerise-leaning male
from the last Esko-Tribute and mated him to the original mother for
the first step into this Bx-project. The result of these Bx1 is a very nice
tasting sativa-dominant hybrid, that takes around 45-55 days to be ready.
The BNP’s structure is mostly a bit sturdier and taller than the “spindly”
appearance of the Cerise mother (her mainstem usually grows a bit like
a zig zag, this was ‘corrected’ in BNP). also the starshaped and – more or
less – ‘airy’ budshape has a fuller appearance now and grows into little
Her yields have increased noticably and a very appealing rhaspberry
nuance has crawled into the strong red berry bud, creating a unique
bouqet of cherry and strawberry with a very slight dark chocolate note
(that comes out when smoked, only on a few special phenos).
The final project will be the ‘real’ release, so the BNP is limited … I will
continue the project and will bring on the next step as soon as it is made
and tested. The ‘Cerise Bx1’ will be only up this time and never again.
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