Fairy Dust


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Fairy Dust
(Black Forrest Gateau x Holy Princess)
The BFG came via UK. It is a strawberry type, very good yielder with strong
sleep-inducing potency. she is an Indica ‘Love Potion’ Selection crossed to an
early original ‘Erdbeer’-male. It was made by a fellow european seedmaker.
She takes only 8,5 weeks and has practically no stretch (under COB-LEDs).
Very reliable “strawberry sleepsky”, i love and’ll keep her around for a while.
The pollen was still stored from a private Holy Princess-reproduction that i
made around 2014/2015. Holy Princess is an Eskobar creation. He X’d the
(supposed) “Santa Maria Planck” with a C99 (F2)-male, which resulted in a
convincing cultivar. a true tastebomb of red forrest- and tropical fruits mixed
into a euphoric, uplifting and almost zen-like smoke. All of the X’s made with
the this Holy P-male rather favor the tropical side of things via the c99-father.
These freebies will take around 8 weeks with some being a few days faster.
the smoke will be very sweet and fruity with an underlying “stank” coming
from the BFG (she bears sort of a ‘dirty strawberry’ kind of taste). The yields
should turn out big in BFG- and average in holy princess-influenced plants.
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made by SAN
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