Blue Chem F2


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Blue Chem f2.

The parents of this f2 come from the original e$ko offering: a male Blueberry known for its pronounced stretch in flower and is the same father used in Cheeseberry and other e$ko lines.
The Chem female comes from Motarebel/Soma (Sannie also used this line for his Chem crosses) and is known for its excellent potency and taste.

The combo, originally offered as a freebie, was very popular and by all means a success. The Blue Chem f2 seeds offered here are born from two males and two females from this original f1 line.
Excellent potency, both uplifting and clear, and covered in aromas ranging from lemon-sage to pink grapefruit, with a background of floral and berry notes.
This is elegant smoke.

Flowering Time: ca. 65.
12 seeds pr. pack.

SeedHeaven also offers another BlueChem, from FlowerPower Seeds. Both strains are BlueChem, but the one from FlowerPower has been grown to F4, using a different male than this E$kobar variety.
Both varieties are good, depending on what your preferences are.