Blue Lavender F2


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Blue Lavender F2
(Lavender x Blueberry Sativa)
Esko’s freebies usually turn out to be lines nearly on par with the lines he sold.
This is no exception. The “Blavender” is high class smoke, heavíly influenced
by the BBS-dad (which is no wonder, since BB always “paints” over everything
it is mated to). Lavender brings in some specific color-patterns, that blend nice
with BB-dominating plant appearances. “Blavi” shows herself in a dark green/
blue-ish glow dress. All of the Plants in the F1 were BBS leaners with the typical
Lavender effect (balanced smoke) that makes you hungry and creative, not a
body-couchlocker, but very mentally relaxing. the BBS adds the creative & social
effects and makes the strong effect lean more to the mental side. Listening to music
(= appeciating creativity) or being creative yourself comes as a by-product when
smoking this.
The Plants take 9-10 weeks to be done and are very easy
to grow (almost in autopilot when using well prepared soil).
10 Seeds/Pack,
made by SAN
This Eskobar-tribute comes with an attached (limited) freebie:
Blavender Glue
(GG#4 x Blue Lavender)
Gorrilla Glue #4 is known already. It does not need to be introduced again.
The “Blavi” will add strong Blueberry traits in form of color and effect. This
will result in a “Blue Glue”-type, with the BB-side dominating the cross. It’s
an untested line but i am sure it will give a good expression of the parents
for anyone that longs to explore those genetics in a mixed form. Enjoy!
5 free Seeds,
made by SAN