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Mother |  Cuban Black Haze ‘Blood Sap’ phenotype S4

This information comes from our original IG post from a while back…

“Found something very special here. A Cuban Black Haze S4 phenotype that produces blood red sap. I never seen any strain do this before, so you can imagine our excitement. Seeds were made by a trusted forum buddy Kushyman, who’s been reversing the original clone for 4 generations now”.

“Structure is everything when looking for quality breeding material. These girls are super uniform, it’s hard to tell them apart”. All are ultra narrow leaf (NLD), long flowering phenotypes”.

All of our selected girls (including the blood sap) went from 12-16 weeks depending on how you like it. Personally, I like it around 13-14 to get the real ‘Haze’ buzz. If you go longer it becomes more narcotic, which will simply wipe you out.

Yields are huge!! Wispy, hazey buds, covered in trichomes.

The pictures above are of our selected CBH ‘Blood Sap’ phenotype mother.

Father is our  SAWĀ ’Negus’ F1 Male can be found here: