Cheetos F2


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Cheetos F2

(Exodus Cheese x Sour Diesel IBL 2010)
This has been asked from me to do since a looong while …
Here it finally is: The second generation of my Cheese/SourD-combo.
‘Cheetos’ is my own personal take on a (Cheese x Sour D)-fusion inspired
by Heath Robinson’s “Chiesel”-creation with the same genetic formula.
The result convinces with a fuely-cheese cultivar that bears a strong punch
and has the potential to stink up a grower’s place to the point of being ner-
vous about filters still covering the smell. The buds are delicious and melt
together the skunk and the “kushy” diesel-type that i used for the F1.
The plants in the 2nd filial generation only need 8-9 weeks of flowering
and due to my selection, express both sides, but favor the cheese in most
phenos. Sour Diesels fuely stink sticks to its offsping quite reliably. This mixes
very well with the cheesy reek of rotten fruits and used gymnsocks. She does
not need much attention: good soil or a basic hydro-schedule covers most of
her needs … The cheese makes growing cheetos reliably easy. Look for an 8w
plant that grows the typical “skunk-crown” on her top-bud and expresses the
typical gasoline smell mixed with the cheese’s candy fruit.
This release is limited to only 50 packs, due to me working the line into F3.
The F2 is a peek into the working stages of “Cheetos” becoming a real strain.
Just like “SanFune” (IBL-stage) and “Snow Thrower”, my “Cheetos” will be a
recurring SANsemilla-cultivar. She indeed has earned her place in my line-up.
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