Holy Goddess


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Holy Goddess
(my “SaShi” clone x Holy Princess)
Santa Shiva is a female seed that was made by Eskobar.
What he called “SM Planck” (= Cerise d’Exo Planck) was
hit with the (reversed) Shiva-clone to create this freebie.
The Mother i used for ‘Holy Goddess’ was an “SM”-leaner of Esko’s
Santa Shiva with very little Shiva in the smoke. The plant did show
Shiva-traits mixed with the mothers’ notorious zig-zag mainstem-
trait and takes 8 weeks of 12/12 to be done. She is sweet strawberry/
minty lemon with a creamy background and bears an uplifting head-
zing with a slight push on the temples that is quite relaxing/focused.
Being a very reliable Eskobar ‘taste-event’, Santa Shiva¬† is sompletely
up to par with Eskobar’s official, bigger releases.
The HP-father comes from pollen stored from one of the a private
reproductions that i made with Holy Princess around 2014 – 2016.
Crosses made with this male favor the tropical fruits side of things
via the C99-dad.
I hope the offspring of these parents bring some joy into some flowering
chambers. I assure you the results will be fast (around 8w), easy to grow
and convince with very sweet/fruity and potent smoke. Give them a try.
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made by SAN
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