Holy Princess F2


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Holy Princess F2
(“Santa Maria Planck” x Cinderella 99)
Eskobar’s Holy Princess F1 has made an huge impact to each grower who grew it.
Enjoy one of Eskobar’s – to my knowledge – very best Seedlines he ever brought out.
The Plants have a unique heady effect (esko called it “godlike”) with some of the (to
me) most delicious tastes/smells one can find in the “sweet & skunky”-department:
forrest strawberries / pineapples / passionfruit and mangos mixed up will make every-
one happy that enjoys strong stinkers and great tasters with a heady effect.Holy Princess needs 8 weeks to be ripe and grown in good soil they get done in almost
autopilot. These F2 are selected in three ways to guarantee all possible expressions
possible within the line. the berry/trpical and mixed phenos are all in here. It was some
work to make this happen (three seperately selected lines are represented within
these packs).
10 Seeds/Pack,
made by SAN