Killer Queen


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(Airborne G13 x Cinderella 99), near IBL status
This line was made by “BBD360” from old Mota, Ndnguy & Reeferman lines combined
and was selected for G13-airborne phenos. Cindy99 is here and there still notable in structure by her
floppy stems/branches and is bringing in some balance to the high that
is mainly more on the indica-side of things. The taste is dead-on G13, typical rubber-y,
fuel-ish and sweet hash with a slight sweetness that is coming from the Cinderella 99.
The original vic high/BCGA-description does fit the profile of the reproduced plants:
” This is for those looking for raw potency at any cost!! G-13 is the very potent mother,
and C99 as the pollen source is no slouch either, but it’s a guess how they will combine.
This is a prototype release to test the waters. G-13 should add to the punch, C99 should
improve yield and flavor. “
The plants take no longer then 8-9 weeks and have very nice yields with strong effects.
The line is so stable that I am tempted to call it an “IBL” (inbred line, being bred to itself
so often that it breeds true in a cross and brings reliable results). There is a reason many
seedmakers use this to make their own lines.
Special FREEBIE is attached to each pack and is made with the forum cut of GSC
and the 4 KQ-males used for the reproduction = GSC Forum x Killer Queen males =
“Killer Cookies” -FREEBIE … enjoy, everybody 🙂
13 Seeds for DERG CORRA Project.
(+ 5 seeds Special FREEBIE) by SAN.