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16 Seeds pr pack.

Leb27 is an “old danish” hashplant brought home from Lebanon (probably from the Bekaa valley) by danish travellers. It was grown a lot in the late 70′ and had a renaissance in the beginng of the 00′. Then it kind of disappeared in its pure form, but was used in many crosses due to its resistance to mold and pests. A few years ago i thought it was a petty that it was gone from the nordic fields, so i started a bit of detective work to find the seeds again, and with help from some old danish potheads and Esben (HFH) i found enough seeds to start this strain up again. Leb27 is very dominant in crosses and will bring the earlyness and resistance to your new cross. It makes a good dry-sift hashish, but also good oil. Leb is one pretty plant in your garden with the color change in the autumn. You will experience colors from light purple to a deep red pheno.

Best outdoor
Indica/sativa hybrid, with a mostly indica effect
Very mold resistant
Very good for outdoor breeding projects
Good potency
finishes late september (54*N Lat)