Pineapple Sherbet F2


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Pineapple sorbet f2
A selection made from Aficionado seeds, pineapple sorbet.
(Heirloom pineapple Thai x In the Pines F3) x (ZkittleZ x Magnum Opus F11)
Both parents had a short flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Both parents had a very nice structure, with tight intermodal spacing. The mother had a high yield of dense, fragrant, high quality buds. The smell was unique, and very fruity. Out of the 10 phenos of pineapple sorbet f1 I grew, the mother AND the father of these seeds were the best. This is the same father that was used in all of the pineapple sorbet crosses in this series, which had excellent structure and tight flowers, as well as a fruity stem rub.
These seeds are untested
10 seeds per pack