Reclining Lady


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Reclining Lady F2
(Reclining Buddha x Lady Cane)
Distributed via Sannie’s Shop as a freebie in 2012-13

Four plants showed from five old F1-seeds of Reclining Lady = 3 ladies and 1 male.
#1 female, mixed, darker green, sweet-woody stemrub, lowest yielder (still big)
#2 male, hazey look, good vigour, lighter green, woody stemrub
#3 female, hazey, big plant, most vigour, lighter green, woody stemrub, huge yield
#4 female, started as a runt, darkest green, most sweet stemrub, very big yield

all ended as heavy yielding haze-dominant plants (in appearance smell and taste).

Reclining Buddha is one of Soma’s creations. His descriptions claim it to be a
(Big Skunk / Korean) x (Afg / Hawaii)-crossing. The clone used, is from Soma’s
own selections. The cut grows rather columnar and shows broad leafes, is over-
all more ‘indica’ in appearance with sweet cherry taste/smell and a strong effect
that leans to the lazy/comfy side of things, but still balanced. Looks ready at 8w,
but is actually done after 9 weeks of 12/12.

Lady Cane’s G13 Haze father came from Soma’s crew, found in Shantibaba’s old
regular GHS-seedstock. He does give up lots of haze to his offspring (G13-traits
do not show, except for bigger yields). Eskobar’s Lady Cane-mother has a long
history of being described as a SSH. Esko actually did describe how the mother
inhertis, so claiming it’s SSH is ‘as precisely as possible’. We will leave it at that.

Reclining Lady:
A Lady Cane F2-male was put to the Reclining Buddha clone (while making LC F3’s)
and released as freebies in Sannie’s Shop. Eskobar created a spectacular Haze-gem.
This Seedline shows heavy-duty plants with huge yields of sweet hazy-goodness.
Most Phenos will show lots of hazey traits while keeping the flowering time down.

Reclining Lady F2:
Being F2-seeds, some phenos will deviate from the main flock and take a few days
shorter/longer, but most will finish around 10 weeks and have haze traits dominating
the plants. Low nutrition-regimes are absolutely sufficient, no big attention is necessary.
As per usual with Eskobars creations, these plants shine and practically grow themselves.

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Attatched Freebie:

Velvet Dream
(Lavender x Blueberry Sativa) X (Reclining Buddha x Lady Cane)

‘Blavender’ inherits mostly in BB-form and Reclining Lady expresses almost pure haze.
Untested, but highly promising for anyone that likes a (BB/Haze)-type in seedform.
They should not take longer than 9-10 weeks and yield very good, taste quite special.
One never ever goes wrong with mixing Esko’s efforts, so i went ahead and crossed the
‘Reclining Lady’-male to the ‘Blavender’-clone, that i kept from the last reproduction.
Enjoy an original ‘Blue Dream’-variation with a lot of Eskobar’s magic coming through.

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