Wild Royal Dane


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Royal Dane x Wild

Another of Hybrid From Hell’s Wild-series, this time crossed with the classic outdoor strain Royal Dane.

The Wild-strains show great potential in helping patients with a variety of illness’

This hybrid is smelly, with hints of flowers, blueberries, citrus, ammonia and hashish.

Smoke is lemon and hashish in taste.

As with most hybrids from HFH, the yeild is high, potency is high and resistancy to pests and disease are also very good.

The WRD is medium in height, growing to around 1,70m and is fast finishing, which is usually in september, depending on which Latitude it is grown. It can finish outside at up to Lat. 60.

This strain is not recommended to be grown inside, where it will not perform as well as outside.

10 seeds pr pack.