Wolfman f2


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Wolfman, originally ’95 Silver Haze X Lieu Hahn ‘Big Ho-Chi’ Male.
Now it has been reproed, using the Wolfman pheno “Lon Chaney” for an f2

The amazing Wolfman, aka Wolfman Haze strain just got a repro and is now available as an F2.

Bred for the ultimate ‘psychoactive’ effect, don’t expect anything heavy or sedate. This strain will make you FIZZZZZZ.

These pictures are of all the Wolfman F1 selections (including the ‘Lon Chaney’ male), we used for the F2 repro and collection.

The pictures 1-3 are of the bulky /shorter pheno. Pictures 4-5 are of LB’s mother. The last picture if of the Lon Chaney male.

seeds pr pack: 12 regular